Beginner's Guide for First-time Manga Readers

12 Dec

Manga is the Japanese equivalent of comics and cartoons in print. Essentially, manga is a cartoon but it holds a higher place in the Japanese culture than comics do in American society. It is seen and respected as both a form of art and a piece of literature. In fact, a whole lot of adult population in Japan are avid manga readers. This leads to a several million copies in Japan being sold-out every month.

There are hundreds of stories in manga books and there can be something for anybody according to one's preference. In addition, many manga titles combine artful pictures and frames with nuanced storylines to provide entertainment and ensure that the readers will be addicted. Manga is categorized into different genres. The most famous ones include redisu for adult women, kodomo for children, shojo manga for girls or female teens, shonen manga for boys and male teens, suiri is for crime and murder cases, seinen for adult men, and jidaimono for historical drama. Some of the most read manga titles as of this moment are Tales of Demons and Gods, God of Martial Arts, and Tomo-chan wa Onnanoko manga .

If you are wondering how to get started as a manga reader, then the first step you must do is to visit a book store preferably a comic book store. Most large bookselling stores have a wide range of manga books. Try to list down some of the titles that have interesting plots.

Secondly, you can actually start flipping a few of the open manga books so that you can have a feel of the story. Keep on going until you have found something that might really get you hooked until the end since most manga books are more than 20 volumes.

Third, if you are more comfortable surfing on the internet, try to websites that give access to manga books for free so you can start reading your favorites online. Most websites like these have a navigation bar listing every manga according to their genre. You can also save some of these manga titles on your personal online library since most sites have that feature. Also, many of the sites will also show the text and drawing part of the manga books.

An important reminder for you to learn is to read the frames from right to left. If you fail to remember this, there are instructions written usually on the first part of the book before the first chapter begins. Have fun reading! Read also Tales of Demons and Gods for more details.

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